Ioanna Solea

is is founded in Milan by Cyrpiot/Austrian designer Ioanna Solea in February 2013. Ioanna, a native of Cyprus, began her fashion career in 2000 – after her multimedia degree in the UK – graduating from Marangoni Institute in Milan, Italy.

She spent three years at Valentino, and eight years at Piazza Sempione designing garment collections before starting her own label of accessories.
Ioanna’s vision for her label is to create accessories that are both luxurious and poetic, with a feminine and contemporary feel. Modern, sophisticated with a touch of irony at the same time.

This is how this project starts; from the designer’s personal urge to express her passions, dreams and fears. At a time when something literally grows inside her, where all pieces reflect her strong personality, her story, her fresh recklestness, luminous and joyous, often with cultural references, either from her voyages, through her life experiences and passion for research.

A skillful combination of refinement and sensuality, with exceptional material and highly perfected detail for unique and stand-out pieces that are 100% made in Italy.
The is brand features handbags and necklaces that are inspired by nature – simple in form and structure, timeless in their elegance and with a highly individual approach.
Handbags seen as an object, with the particularity and privilege even to carry objects, and necklaces simply as a piece to adorn.