The IOANNA SOLEA brand is founded in Milan by Cyrpiot/Austrian designer in February 2013.

In a continuous and hypnotic contrast between raw and refined, poetry of craftmanship and pure forms, where the colour bursts suddenly and lashes the mood of the accessories, the brand features handbags and necklaces that are inspired by nature – simple in form and structure and timeless in their elegance  with a highly individual approach. The pieces designed are a clever mix of irony, elegance and fine materials where almost “silent” accents – a brass beetle as a reference to the bucolic world – mark the collection of accessories making it full of interest and charm.

A skillful combination of refinement and sensuality, with exceptional material and highly perfected detail for unique and stand-out pieces that tell stories, radiate emotions and are entirely made in Italy.

Handbags seen as an object, with the particularity and privilege even to carry objects, and necklaces simply as a piece to adorn!

In 2016, the brand has been selected as one of the finalists of “Who is on Next? 2016”; a fashion scouting project by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia.